Privacy Policy

Our codes of conduct: 

  • This platform is an independent entity to conduct quantitative and analytic studies utilizing tools of surveys, polls and data collection processes with the highest possible standard available to us within the academic framework. 
  • The studies published and supported in this platform will not take the side of any political party or organization. However, due to the nature of the studies, results  might oppose a political view on one topic and support it on another. 
  • We support independent academics who might be interested in conducting surveys utilizing our platform regardless of their political views. However, the study may not further or normalize the marginalization of the populations that have been systematically persecuted historically. 
  • We conduct all of our surveys with the highest form of confidentiality. We will not obtain any information beyond normal interaction between a user and a website on daily internet interactions. Every study commences by obtaining the consent of the participants at the start of any survey. However, confidentiality cannot be 100% guaranteed due to the nature of our digital world. 
  • No team member, academics or guest researcher have the right to release any information on participants that may result in identifying them under any circumstances. However, to make our effort even clearer, we will not support or conduct any study that obtains such information from participants. 
  • Any member or quest researcher who does not follow our strict protocols will immediately be restricted from accessing our platform. 
  • No proposal from members or outside researchers may be considered without the written consent of the Founders and the Academic committee of this entity.
  • No Academic member may publish any study without the written consent of the Founders of the entity. 
  • The studies in this entity are not limited to Kurdistan and can be on any other population, region or nationalities.
  • No study conducted by this entity may argue or claim that the study is generalizable to an entire population, nation, gender group, ethnicity, sextual identity or race. 
  • All surveys, polls and quantitative studies that utilize our entity are the property of Kurd Vote, no raw results or information obtained using our platform can be stored elsewhere, outside of our servers. Researchers may only store deducted information that completely removes the possibility of breach of confidentiality.  
  • We reserve the right to deny service to any individual that their conduct can jeopardize the integrity of our academic standards. 
  • This entity supports studies that aim to shed light on the socio-political-environmental attitudes of the historically marginalized groups and populations who have been systematically oppressed based on their language, ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality, nationality and views.